Please contact us on mobiles 07989 450307 or 07908 148100, or email for any of the following:

Sheep Shearing

I'm available for shearing sheep, alpacas and llamas, and have 3 working sheepdogs of my own, who would love nothing better than to round up your flock.

Small flock advice, land management/conservation advice

Call me for sheep husbandry advice e.g. fly strike and its prevention, foot rot and scald; and how best to make use of your grazing.

Merino base layer garments

I can supply you with quality wool base layer clothing made from fine, non-itchy merino wool. These are a favourite with sheep shearers like myself, but also with outdoorsy people, mountaineers, hikers and anyone who needs warm, breathable, durable underwear.

Styles available are crew-necked T-shirt, or singlet (long vest). Colours - as Henry Ford once said, "you can have any colour you like, as long as it's black"! Sizes S, M, L. They have plenty of stretch so it depends whether you want a loose or closer fit, so please email or call for sizing advice and ordering.

Raw wool insulation, sheep fleece insulation

I can source you raw wool for building insulation. A natural and renewable resource, it's the natural way to save energy!

Wool for Handspinners: Fine Spinning fibre and Rare Breed Sheep fleeces

I've more than 30 breeds of my own sheep and can source more on my travels. I've a bit of almost everything including superfine-woolled Saxon Merinos, silky Polwarth, Corriedale... long and lustre wools including Wensleydale (incl black), Teeswater, BFL (black), Devon and Cornwall Longwool... springy down breeds like Charollais, Suffolk, Southdown, Oxford crosses; primitive breeds including Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean, Soay, Shetland, Castlemilk Moorit. Others include North Country Cheviot, Mule, Romney, Torddu, Jacob, Kerry Hill, Portland, Wiltshire Horn, Dorset Horn, rare Norfolk Horn...

Depending on the time of year, I can shear some of these to order at my big shows, and may have a selection of fleece for sale.