The Sheer Sheep Experience

Educational Sheep & Shearing Show

Shearing demonstration for kids show
Shearing demonstration, Harpenden, 2014

We are based in Bedfordshire, England, but will travel anywhere in the country with our sheep and shearing show, which comes in large and small versions.

The show can be tailored to suit your audience, whether it be the agricultural community, a fibre festival or your kid's party.

Both versions of the show exhibit different breeds of sheep and explain how the strata of the sheep industry works in land management and conservation. We have more than 30 breeds of sheep to choose from, though not all of them have been trained to be stars of stage and screen yet.

Hire us for Agricultural shows, Fibre festivals, Historic shows, Country Shows...

The large version of the show uses a 45ft articulated lorry trailer as the stage, giving a demonstration of sheep shearing and a historical comparison of shearing techniques.

We also do School educational visits, Kids' parties...

The small version of the show uses a livestock trailer & penning, suitable for schools and smaller venues, for example:

- School educational visits, with or without sheep.

- Kids' parties - an educational mini show including shearing (space permiting)

Booking enquiries

Contact us on mobiles 07989 450307 or 07908 148100 to find out more about the Sheer Sheep Experience.